Our Story

BOYA believes that jewelry speaks your character. The choice of jewelry is personalized and we want to give you the best choice for every special moment.  

Girls today are confident and forward-looking. The demand for fashion and lifestyle is becoming more particular. Our design of the moissanite and lab-created sapphire collection suits most of the occasions. Behind the moissanite’s sparkles and the sapphire’s fancy colour, our experts concentrate on the detailed design, diamond cut and polishing for a perfect piece of jewelry. The moissanite and lab-created sapphire are hard and durable gemstones. We handle with advanced technology and ensure the quality is excellent.

The fast changing shopping behavior makes online an important channel of purchase. We are backed up with a strong and experienced team, providing the best service to our customers on the online platform.

BOYA’s affordable jewelry allows girls to indulge in a shopping spree. A fashionable piece of jewelry, let you shine with charm!