8 reasons for why moissanite is a good substitute of diamond

8 reasons for why moissanite is a good substitute of diamond

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1. Similar quality, but only one tenth in price

The high hardness, dispersion, and refractive index of moissanite give it a dazzling color and high-end texture like diamonds when made into jewelry. Both physical properties and appearance of moissanite are so similar to diamonds that it is extremely difficult to distinguish with naked eye, but the price of moissanite is only one-tenth of that of diamonds.

2. For permanent collection

Moissanite’s durability means its charm and value can last forever as diamonds. Because of its second-only-to-diamond hardness, it is also very resistant against scratching, abrasion and cracking. Moreover, its price has not changed much in the market over the past few years, thus making it a decent investment if you are worried about depreciation.

3. Having greater shine

Thanks to the good dispersion and the stronger diamond fire of moissanite, the gemstone has greater luster than diamonds. To some extent, moissanite is actually more suitable as being a sparkling jewelry.

4. With good quality control

Each piece of moissanite is produced in laboratories and is crafted by craftsmen. It means the qualiy of moissanite is always on a close watch and any defect will be replaced immediately. This also gives each moissanite its unique beauty.

5. With novel and diverse designs

There are many styles for moissanite jewelry, of which all are novel and original, representing the design concept of traditional jewelry. The 18K gold (AU750) inlays used on most moissanite jewelry make them more colorful and precious. Such qualities means moissanite can be very flexible, fashionable and novel when it comes to jewelry design.

6. Being the witness of love and happiness

Being an equally beautiful and luxurious gemstone, moissanite can also be used as a symbol to convey love and emotions, as well as a witness of such memorable feelings.

7. More environmental friendly

Moissanite is more environmental friendly than diamond since, unlike like diamond, being developed in laboratories means it is free from wastes produced during excavating. As the responsible residents of an international metropolis like Hong Kong, we should put our effort on protecting environmental and ultimately our home, the earth.

8. Encouraging the trend of rational consumption

Moissanite presents a new challenge to traditional gemstones, as it highlights unique personality and individuality. The money saved by choosing moissanite can be used on other meaningful things. Moissanite is not just for decoration, it also inspire us to seek for new experience and value.